Bethany_headshot_2013-sqBethany Stolle has spent nearly a decade developing youth ministry curriculum like re:form and Connect for sparkhouse, the ecumenical publishing division of Augsburg Fortress. After studying “design thinking” on her own for a few years, she moved to Austin to learn Interaction Design & Social Entrepreneurship at the Austin Center for Design (AC4D). Bethany is passionate about bringing together design and theology, listening to and understanding people’s needs through design research, and humanizing technology. Bethany and her husband, Brent, call Minneapolis home.

The ideas Bethany expresses on Theology x Design are her own. And just as design and faith are journeys, so her thoughts and opinions may evolve over time. Consider it a risk of having an open mind and creating in public!


Landon WhitsittLandon Whitsitt is a former congregation pastor and current denominational bureaucrat. He has published two books: Open Source Church: Making Room For the Wisdom of All, arguing that the values of openness and freedom should guide everything a church does, and Theology is Art, critiquing the view of theology as law or science. He blogs at and considers himself to be “Midwestern But Not Religious.”




More to come.