Theology. Design.

I started thinking about this space while studying Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship at the Austin Center for Design. I’m a theologian by training and profession, but when I started studying design, I was struck by the overlap in design theory and theology. Both explore behaviors, interactions, meaning, identity. Both talk about creation and co-creation. Service. Social impact.

Furthermore, I found deep resonance between the practical theology and the design process. In practical theology, theory informs practice, which informs theory, which informs practice. The design process I’ve studied on my own and through AC4D put even more flesh on that process: practicing empathy through design research, synthesizing data and making abductive “leaps of faith,” rapidly prototyping and iterating concepts, and collaborating closely with users throughout the proces, and repeating the cycle.

As I spoke with theologians about design, they were intrigued. How could these concepts impact the way we think about and do ministry?

As I read design theory, I naturally processed it through a theological lens.

So, now…

I have become an evangelist for design. And this space will serve as a sandbox for both designers and theologians. To not only talk about how design can impact ministry but to develop tools and practices that influence our daily work. And to develop theological lenses to frame our design work.

Please join this conversation. If you’re interested in contributing to this conversation, send me a note.

– Bethany