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Where’s the design?

September 30, 2013 — Leave a comment


But this doesn’t look pretty.

Yeah, Theology x Design is pretty minimalistic at this point. And that’s actually by design.

You see, putting something new out in the world is scary–but I’m trying to embrace is the idea of working in public. Of externalizing everything and refining and improving it through critique and feedback and community participation.

I actually don’t want to publish a complete website with flashy graphics and a clever logo. Someday, I plan for this space to be more polished, but I want to get there through making things. Through working collaboratively with a broader Theology x Design community to develop logos and graphics and messaging and tone. By┬áposting ideas and engaging with readers and theologians and designers around philosophical and practical concepts.

So where do you want to see this project go? What questions should we start working through, together?